Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wilco - I'll Fight

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


February 01, 2011

  1. GeminiGemini (5/21-6/21)
    Your life has been whizzing along like a well-oiled machine lately, but things are probably going to start to throttle down today. So if you feel less inspired to take on new projects (or even maintain current ones), don't be surprised. Your body and mind are moving into self-preservation mode ... whether you want to or not, they're forcing you to slow down and take things more slowly. If friends are concerned about an increase in apathy, assure them that it's just a phase.

Black Eyed Dog

Rumor has it there's a quote from Winston Churchill that is relevant here.

Listen to Nick Drake

I am. Who is Nick Drake? Long gone but his music is timeless and recently resurrected for commercials.
Buy,listen or download his only 3 recordings and be happy you did.
Five Leaves Left
Bryter Layter
Pink Moon

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